Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rusty Pickle Visit was a Blast!

Lance's visit to Scrappy Chic was great... he taught four back-to-back classes. Everyone who attended created some very cool projects and had a great time. Lance is very entertaining, and had plenty of pirate jokes, even after teaching for over 10 hours! There are some kits available for a few of the classes he taught, so if you're interested let us know! They won't last long.

Happy Easter everyone!


Anonymous said...

wish I could have taken a class - darn hubby had to work but I did come shop with my kids and it looked like they were having fun in the crop area!

Kim said...

I bought the kit that has the "Spinny" thing that pops up and I can't wait to get started:)


Hailey said...

Well if anyone who bought a kit or took a class and did not finish let Chris know...We can set up a "rusty Pickle" support group so we can finish our books.