Monday, March 31, 2008

Get on the Bus!

I've been waiting to make this announcement, and now I finally can. Are you dreaming of a Summer Fling? A scrapbook fling, that is... Scrappy Chic, along with 3 other stores, is hosting a bus tour! So get on the bus! Join us for a 7-hour bus tour on Saturday, June 28th, with stops from the West Side to the East Side and back! Have you ever wanted to check out the other stores way out yonder? We'll take care of the driving arrangements; you just sit back and have fun while playing games on the bus, making new friends, and having lunch along the way. You'll make a different project at each store and have plenty of time to shop (at a discount). In addition to our store, you'll visit Scrapbookers, Inc. in Commerce, Maggie's Scrapbooking in Clarkston, and Scrapbook Emporium in Shelby Twp. It's sure to be a great time! Tickets are $50 each, and groups of 5 or more save $5 each when they register together before May 24th. Registration opens tomorrow, and space is limited, so save the date and make your plans! More information will be posted at as it's available.

If you're intersted in signing up, just give us a call at the store. Payment is required to register, which can even be done over the phone. This event will be promoted at the Mega Meet in May, so I want to make sure our regular customers are able to sign up earlier. It's a shop hop like no other! By the way... each bus will have a hostess riding along, and I'm open to suggestions as to who you'd like to see on this bus!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a blast!

Staci Compher said...

Okay...I've been hanging with baby mikey too...much..cause now I can't get the doodlebops "get on the bus" song out of my head!!! but this sounds like fun...I bet it will fill up quick!!

Chris Nicholson said...

Yes Staci, I too had that song in my head when the idea first came up! :)