Wednesday, February 13, 2013

As the Endcap Turns...

Those who have been in recently can attest to the fact that we're changing out new products on the endcaps almost daily!  It's amazing how much new product has come in over the last couple of weeks.  When I saw the UPS driver today, I just looked him in the eye and said, "No!".  Fortunately, he knew I was kidding.  He proceeded to deliver 5 more boxes, on top of the 20 or so sitting there already.  Don't worry, we're working on them daily to get things out as fast as we can.

 So far, we are finally getting out the themed papers and stickers from Paper House. Those should be in their themed sections by the weekend - great new papers! We have a couple new lines from FabScraps - Little Peeps and Romantic Travel. We also received tons of new Technique Tuesday stamps, many of which are designed by Ali Edwards, including her exclusive stamp of the month. I can't forget the new college papers and stickers for U of M, MSU, Notre Dame and Ohio State.

Bazzill has a few new collections, now going out on display - Freedom, Mac, Lucy's Crab Shack and Ambrosia (designed by Margie Romney-Aslett). I can't forget the new Maya Road - embellishments galore, twine spools and stamps!

Now, I have some other news, but please don't freak out...  We have, among the boxes yet to be opened, some amazing new products that you've all been waiting for.  I'll give you some hints...  The manufacturers rhyme with Mo' Money, Benny Jo-Lin, Freight Caper, Moodio Malico, Flamerican Trafts, Traffic Porgy-Dive.  Can you guess what's in them?!  We're so anxious to get them out.  We'll be sure to blog about what's inside when they're ready to be shared.  Stay tuned!

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Sue Althouse said...

Chris! It took me all morning to figure out the last one!