Saturday, August 14, 2010

Need Your Feedback

Have you heard of Karen Russell, who teaches photography to scrapbookers? Her website is I'm trying to guage whether or not we'd have enough participants to invite her to fly out and teach at our store in 2011. I'd like to know if you would consider participating in an all-day, full-fledged photography class for $135 (it would probably be on a Saturday). I'd love to hear your response. You can either respond here or email me at Her website offers a lot of information on the photography end of things...


Kim H said...

Holy Cow!! Karen Russell is a fabulous photographer! I follow her blog faithfully. Would the class require participants to have a specific type of camera? I think she has pretty expensive equipment and my camera is nothing like that. Also, I'm afraid her class would be too advanced for me...would this be a class for beginners who are not very technical or knowledgeable about cameras? I'm very curious to know more. She seems like a really fun person and I think her classes are a blast.

Kim H

Anonymous said...

I would, depending on when next year! That would be so awesome!

Elizabeth Hoskins