Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flowers in a zip

OK, I know... Really hokey, huh? Fawn, the flower fanatic here, and working with this new Maya Road zipper ribbon was so much fun that I couldn't resist at least one silly pun about zippers. But seriously, have you seen this stuff at the store yet? It's a blast! For only $1.99/yard (well, when separated, you actually get TWO yards!) you can make these adorable flowers in just minutes. To make the 5 petal flower in the background, I cut 5 pieces of zipper each 3" long. I angled the ends of the fabric portions and then placed them on a bed of glue dots to form the flower. And the circular flower in the foreground was even easier! I placed glue dots in a 3" circle and began to spiral the zipper at the outer edge. The zipper lays flat and covers the center of the flowers nicely, so there really isn't a need for the center button, but I wanted a bit of contrasting color. This new zipper ribbon comes in five great colors: black, white, brown, pink and blue. Zip on in to grab yours today!


Liz Michaud said...

Great flowers Fawn! I was in the store on saturday and got some myself to try.... now if those Glubers would just come in we would be all set :)

Tina Johnson said...

Love these zippers on your layout! Great idea making the loops and adding buttons. I'm playing with them too, and there's so many ways to make flowers. I've tried pinching, curling, stiff stuff, the possibilities are endless! I've found double sided tape works really well.