Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh My... it's all so new!

Well, we have tons more to share with you! There is so much that we've been rotating out inventory on the shelves more than ever! We have a new butterfly line from K & Co. - gorgeous! There are 3 new lines from Sassfras: Ellie's Tale, Sweetly Smitten, and Starters. I love Starters, because it's still Sassfras, but taken down a notch on the kooky... a line anyone can appreciate.

We have several new lines from KaiserCraft, like Chanteuse (lovely pinks & greens), Nan's Favourites (a kitchen-inspired line), Timeless Collection (a great, vintage basics line), a school line, fairy princess line and more. There are new wood products, like frames, and some great mini alphas and crocheted flowers. You have to see it all to appreciate it.

Imaginisce has a new collection, called Berrylicious, that is just that. It's deliciously cute, and ready to be used for springtime memories.
There's a new storage solution out from ArtBin to store Cricut Cartridges! This slim, sturdy containter holds 16 cartridges along with their books and keypads... such a great way to tote your goods! They just arrived this week, but I don't see them lasting long. Enjoy!

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Liz Michaud said...

Love the KaiserCraft Chanteuse line! One of my favorites at the show :)