Monday, February 1, 2010

New Ribbon from May Arts is here

I let the girls have this one... Staci and Julie were able to pick out ribbons of their choice at the May Arts booth. I must say, they did a nice job - they arrived today. There are some cool (unique) ribbons in beautiful colors ready for you to play with!

It was a little odd, only receiving one box today. I kept waiting for the FedEx truck to pull up, but alas - he didn't show today. That can only mean that tomorrow will be a delivery day! We're still waiting for our toilet paper box to arrive from California (funny story) full of catalogs and giveaways. I predict it will arrive tomorrow along with some fellow boxes (not full of toilet paper). I'll keep you posted throughout the week...

1 comment:

Staci Compher said...

ewww...I am gonna have to go up there...!! it was fun picking out ribbon!!there was a red/creme check...I have to have!!