Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Visit to Inspiration Inn Bloom

Some of you saw my posts on Facebook about the scrapbooking bed & breakfast I visited last weekend.  I promised I'd share more after I got back, so here's the scoop...

Inspiration Inn Bloom is a 7,000+ square feet home in Oak Harbor, OH (25 miles SE of Toledo).  Depending on traffic, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to drive there and, once you're in the country, it's pretty scenic, as far as cornfields go. :)  It's easy to pass by the house, since it's tucked away down a private road.

This beautiful house, which is made almost entirely of local wood (no, really, there aren't many painted walls), is perfect for a scrapbooking weekend getaway, by yourself or with the gang.  There are several themed rooms in the house, with accomodations from 2 to 8, over 20 beds total!  The house is very warm and welcoming, with a 3-story living room full of windows.  The enormous kitchen (which you only use on your own for snacks) offers plenty of space for your delicious meals to be prepared.  Kathy, who was filling in for Abby that weekend, did an amazing job of keeping us full.  There were others there from OH, but I was surprised to see one our our customers, Shannon Wroblewski.  She was there offering manis/pedis at the house (oh yes, there is a small spa in the house).  There are spots to crop at both ends of the house.  So there were a few of us on one end, and several others cropping at the other end of the house.

There was great company, tons of time for cropping (I didn't stay up too late, but I heard some of the girls stayed up until 4AM), and massages.  Yes, I did get some projects done - 50 pages to be exact.  It was enough time for me to catch back up to being behind where I was (does that make sense?), and enough relaxation to get me back on track for the week ahead.

I don't want to bore you with details, as this house speaks for itself.  If you're thinking of getting away to do a little scrapbooking for the weekend, check out their website at for rates and availability.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.  Please let Abby know you heard about it from Scrappy Chic!  Until then, here are some pics of our weekend (several pics are from Shannon - thanks!).

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Sue Althouse said...

What a wonderful place! My uncle and aunt used to live in Oak Harbor, years ago. Now I'v got a great excuse to go back and visit!