Thursday, January 10, 2013

We Are Here, We Are Here, We Are Here!

We're at CHA!  Well, we're in Anaheim waiting for CHA to begin.  We've already been to a pre-show today, and placed almost 20 orders!  I can tell you that I've already blown the budget on several orders...  That means what I found was better than expected.  We watched product presentations from some popular brands, like Teresa Collins, Tim Holtz, Echo Park, Lawn Fawn and more.  We even won fifty bucks while we were here! 

The weather is unexpectedly chilly here, about 50 degrees.  It's a good thing we brought our winter coats...  We'll be wearing them tomorrow.  We have a day off before the official show starts, and will be resting up so we can be on our toes for CHA on Saturday.  I will most likely post a summary here at the end of our show days, keeping the time difference in mind, later on.  But if you want to know what we're up to during the show, stay tuned to our Facebook page.  I'm also having some difficulty getting pics to upload to the blog, so I'll be posting pics on FB as well.  Stay tuned!

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