Friday, January 11, 2013

Tooling Around SoCal

Since we had so little to do today we decided to take a road trip to Newport Beach. That however,turned into a day long tour of southern California.  Most of you don't know that I'm a bit of a TV junkie.  Not too much TV, but I really get into certain shows.  The funny part about today is that we ended up visiting several stops (not on purpose) that were tied to shows I love(d) and movie spots, which made the traffic bearable.  For those who used to watch the O.C., you'll appreciate that we had lunch at the 'Crab Shack' (aka Crab Cooker), and visited the Wedge (where the surfers hang out and the opening scene of the show was filmed).  We visited the Santa Monica pier, which appears in many movies.  But I remember it best from the movie Lost Boys (think wayyyy back).  We only had a little time to pop into Venice Beach (which has appeared in many a movie, of course).  We're pretty sure the temp here in SoCal was the same as it was back home in MI - about 50 degrees, right?  Wait, we heard it was almost 60 degrees there!  So we're dressed for Winter weather, but enjoying the scenery of the Pacific shoreline. 

It's all so that we can be refreshed for tomorrow...  The show floor opens at 10AM (1PM for you folks back home), and we are putting together our plan of attack as we type.  We'll post pics to our FB page when we can, and hope we find some amazing new products for you.  If what we've seen so far is any indication of what's to come, we're all going to be happy campers.  Until then...

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