Friday, July 17, 2009

Basic Grey Sneak Peek

Yes, BG is coming out with MORE new stuff! We just love what they produce, and I'm sure the newest lines will be no exception. They sent us this clue as to what will be new... can you guess what the new lines will be called? Post a comment with your thoughts, and if you can guess right, I'll give you a BG prize!


Hailey said...

well I am sure I will have to have it all :) cant wait!!!!


Carmen O. said...

A Halloween line called Shiver???

Jenn said...

sounds exciting, I am looking for a really good Haloween line this year. Hmmm...maybe it will be called "Wicked"

jan said...

When do they arrive...Lemonade Collection, New Opaline & New Stamps by BG ?

harmonta said...

Sounds like there will be a Halloween line with a name from Wicked. I'm not sure they could use Wicked but maybe one of the characters' names??? or places like Shiz or Vinkus.

Or...the quote is actually from MacBeth and maybe the line will be named after the three wicked sisters or bubbling cauldren from "bubble, bubble, toil and trouble..." or something like that.

Shiver sounds like a winter line, maybe called Frosted?

It will be fun to see what they come up with.
Terri H.

harmonta said...

Could it be that the new lines are called:
Indian Summer
Eskimo Kisses (love that name)
Nook & Pantry

Terri H.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with Indian Summer, Eerie, Eskimo kisses, and Nook&pantry too!

Can't wait to see it:)
BG is one of my favorites!

Kim H.

marlis said...

Vibrant, frosty and sweet

Chris Nicholson said...

Yay... Terri did a good job guessing, but an even better job finding out what they really are! Terri - when the new lines arrive (or if I can get samples at the show), you've got some with your name on them! Good detective work!