Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brown Boxes are Everywhere!!!

Help! I'm buried in boxes! No, really - I want to open them, but there are so many this week! When I got there tonight, I priced the new 7 Gypsies - the rest of their Gypsy Market line. I see this stuff gone before it's all out on the shelves; the ephemera is to die for!

We also have new stamps from Art Declassified, which are rubber cling-mount in amazing designs! These are on the shelf already. We've been waiting for the new lines from Bo Bunny, and they finally arrived! There are three large boxes waiting to be opened. Hopefully the girls will have time to get to them early in the day!

We have a busy weekend planned, between our Friday crop and our much-anticipated Overnight Crop. You all amazed me... I didn't think there would be as much interest as there has been, and the crop has been hovering around 'sold out' for the last few days. I even made some modifications to the small crop room, involving my husband and a hammer, which allowed us to add a couple more tables and chairs comfortably. I know I wouldn't be able to stay up as late as 6am, but I'm curious as to who will (I hope at least Marrisa, since she volunteered to work our 'midnight shift'). Participants can look forward to progressive prizes, late night snacks and plenty of coffee!

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McStamper said...

Hey I'm good at opening boxes. Need some help! ;)

Can't wait to see all te new goodies.

Barb Mchenry