Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Two of CHA

Sore and glad to be in our pj's already (it's only 7:15p here in CA), we had a long day at the show today. There was a fire in the convention center. When the alarms went off, everyone stayed where they were (everyone was waiting for the drawing, including me). Nobody wanted to lose a chance to win some great prizes, but security came through and assured us it was time to move - it was an actual fire. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait outside too long, and the drawings resumed (although I didn't win). We placed tons of orders, a couple from new vendors. We have some great class ideas, a few venturing into more mixed media that we think you'll love!

Tonight we went to the 2 Peas Ice Cream Social. There were some delicious gourmet cupcakes (mocha caramel, to name one... mmm). Hailey and I participated in some trivia and each won a cool prize (even though I had to get help with the answers). Hailey's involved finding specific people in the room (one of whom was in the middle of eating her cupcake). It was a nice wind-down after the show. Tomorrow is our last day of the show, since we're leaving a day early. I'll hopefully have another post for you tomorrow before we leave.

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Anonymous said...

yikes - a fire...glad no one was hurt...those cupcakes look yummy!