Saturday, July 19, 2008

Live from Chicago!

Where do I start? The girls are all starstruck, as everyone is here at the show. Staci has photos of Ali Edwards, Tim Holtz & Heidi Swapp together (I'm sure they'll be on her blog later as well). Jenny & Erin are having a great time (along with a little goofing around), and we've all been spending some serious time deciding what to choose for all of you! So while we're waiting for our chinese food to be delivered, we came downstairs to blog and hang out. We're winding down, as tomorrow we'll be at the show one last time, then we'll pack up the van and head out on the road. I can't believe how many goodies and samples we have to show everyone when we get back. We have a very cool plan (wish I could take credit for the idea) for displaying what we will be getting... you'll see soon!

We tried to stay in our budget for most of the products we planned to purchase, but went a little over in some (you'll be glad). See you all when we return!


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see more pics and of course buy lots of goodies!!!

Beck on Melrose said...

I can't wait until the great stuff starts pouring in. You had a great team there to help make decisions!