Sunday, January 30, 2011

CHA Day 2 Recap

Well, it's early here, but time for Michiganders to wake up! We had a busy day yesterday... it started with a bang (or a group of bagpipers, however you choose to look at it), and we were on the show floor running (literally). Each of us had an assigned area to attack... I mean, visit. The girls gathered catalogs like crazy, I had appointments with sales reps, and we were working hard.
Some of the highlights were Tim Holtz' booth (very cool new products coming out of here), Pink Paislee (rosettes are everywhere this year), Little Yellow Bicycle (we love Twig), Prima (new trinkets coming soon) and Cosmo Cricket (Glubers rock).

By the end of the day, we were ready for some sushi (thinking of you, Suze!), and we headed around the corner from our hotel. We came to Tokyo Village, an open air mall, where everyone was hanging out, eating, singing karaoke. We had dinner at the Frying Fish (so glad we went there) and food and company were fantastic. We had time to wander around, do a little shopping, and still make it to bed on time.

This morning, Fawn and I are heading over the show early for some classes, so we'll try to blog again tonight.


Angela said...

Both awesome and delicious!
League was fun yesterday -- I won the 50-50 raffle!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Yes, that time change can be a challenge! Love your updates. Can I put in a request for the KI Memories new Puffies embellishments? Saw a video on these and love them!

janine said...

What fun!! Can't wait for the Tim Holtz stuff--actually all of what you have posted so far is just lovely! Be careful when you head home---loads of snow expected to come our way---eeek!! Must admit, I was a little jealous to see you wearing short sleeves in these photos :) Thanks for the post!