Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's New These Days?

A lot, I must say! Where do I start? Well, I mentioned we had the new lines from Bo Bunny, but did I mentioned we added all of the Double Dot paper colors? I'll admit it, I do really like them. I just never knew where we'd find room to put them! We also added a new line of glitter dot paper which is just as adorable. So there are tons of dot papers to choose from now... how fun.

I also mentioned we were adding new markers to the store, and they are now in stock. We have 72 colors of Copic Ciao markers (a much larger selection of marker colors than we had previously) as well as a large assortment of brush markers (dual-tipped) from Tombow. We hope you like the new selection, with its variety of tips and colors.

Fans of the Cricut will like what we have for storing your cartridges... C Gull has come out with a new line of bags (in a variety of colors, no less) to store up to 72 cartridges, keypads & booklets, among other things! I love the style - looks like a retro bowling bag of some sort. On the subject of the Cricut, we have a few new cartridges in stock that we've been waiting for. We have Preserves, as well as the three new seasonals - Summer in Paris, Summer Vacation and Independence Day. All of our Cricut cartridges are marked down to a new, lower price, including the newest releases.

We also have a slew of new Cuttlebug products just in! There are tons (and I mean it) of new embossing folders and sets. We just received our first shipment of extended Cuttlebug cutting plates, as well.

Shall we move on? We also have two new lines from Fancy Pants - Like Father Like Son (great boy/guy line) and Wishful Thinking (you guessed it - a more fancy, girly line). These should be on the shelf by Wednesday afternoon for you to ogle. :)

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