Sunday, December 13, 2009

Progressive Sale Begins!!!

Great deals are abound in the store right now! We've got tons of pink stars throughout the store (I mean tons)! Each item with a star is part of the sale, which will 'progress' as follows:

Now through 12/18/09 - everything marked is 25% off
12/19-12/24/09 - everything starred is 30% off!
Lastly, 12/26-12/27 - all starred items go up to 40% off! Yes, that's 40% off tons of items throughout the store!

As part of the progressive sale, not only will the discount go up and up, so will the amount of items on sale! Each week I'll be adding more items to the sale. Seriously - you won't believe how many items will be on sale - up to 40% off by the 26th! But don't wait - the discount is only valid on in-stock items, so once they're out, the discount stops on that item! Hope to see you saving some holiday dough!

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