Saturday, November 7, 2009

Boutique Night in Farmington

The Farmington Area Mom's Club (a group I belong to) is hosting a Boutique Night at the Maxfield Training Center in Farmington on Thursday, 12/3 from 6:30-8:30pm. It's an opportunity for those with home-based businesses to sell, for people to shop and relax (enjoy finger foods, hot chocolate, coffee, pop, etc.). The proceeds of the event will go toward the Club's annual holiday family adoption.

In addition, the FAMC is looking for a vendor who makes handmade greeting cards (for sale) to participate. The cost to rent a 5' table is $10 plus a $10 raffle prize donation. If you are interested, please contact Peggy at I know there are many talented card-makers in our mix!

The Farmington Area Mom's Club is a non-profit organization supporting local moms. You can find more information about the group at The Maxfield Training Center is located at 33000 Thomas St., Farmington, MI (a couple miles from the store).

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Peggy said...

Thanks so much Chris! Already got one person intrested in that and another who sells Tupperware!