Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ranger Alcohol Ink Pens are here!

If you haven't already run out the door on your way here, I'll tell you more. We received our first shipment of the pens (I already have another order placed in anticipation since half of our first order was already spoken for). These cool pens work with alcohol ink, keeping the ink moist within the core for long-lasting use. You can use them to color, blend and more on so many different surfaces. Hailey will be teaching a new alcohol ink class soon using the new blender pens, so stay tuned for that.

Now, if you're still reading... please watch your step when you come into the store this week. We don't want anyone to trip over the million boxes we have in the front of the store! It reminds me of when we first opened the store and were receiving huge shipments daily. Our Mega Meet orders, as well as some new inventory, are arriving with a presence. 30 boxes from Clip it Up take up more space than you'd think. And because it's Earth Day, I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that if you ever need cardboard boxes for packing, moving, or anything else... please let us know - we always have empties you can take.

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