Friday, December 12, 2008

Adopted Family Update

First of all, I'm so excited about how much has been collected for our adopted family! It looks like they're on track to have a wonderful Christmas for the three children! In case you're still thinking of donating something, here are some ideas on what we are in need of:

10-month old girl (size 18 mos): pajamas, socks, outfits, age-appropriate toys, board books

3-year-old girl (size 3T): pajamas

6/7-year-old girl (size 7): pajamas, socks, books, school supplies

If you're at a loss for other ideas, mom could probably use a gift card for groceries or necessities. The family might also like a board game or something they can play or do together. The last day to donate will be Mon 12/15 at 2pm. At 2:30pm, the box will be heading out to be delivered to the family. If you are not able to donate by then, but would still like to, please contact us at the store so we can make arrangements. Thank you again for your help with our efforts!

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