Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm in Hog Heaven!

Hedgehogs... the new Sassafras Lass lines arrived today, and among them are Hog Heaven, Fawnd of You, Woodland Whimsy and Happy Place (where I am). Looking at these double-sided papers in person is more than I imagined. If you like their last release, you will absolutely love this one (even more).

On another happy note, my most favorite products from CHA finally arrived! We just got the new Sheer Delights (very delightful) from KI Memories. When I first saw these, they reminded me of placemats. Up close, they are amazing! They are about the thickness of cardstock, but transparent (with a little frost). Of course, they have die-cut edges and beautiful patterns - and scrapbook safe!

With all that said, I was so happy when I got here today and saw all of these! I thought it couldn't get any better. But it did! We also received the new papers and Glitter Cuts from Fancy Pants! It's like my top CHA picks all decided to ride in together! I hope you enjoy them too.


Anonymous said...

wow - lots of good stuff - will be in this weekend to get some!

Beck on Melrose said...

Gosh..the best things are coming in! I got the new Sassafras line today and I cannot wait to use it!!!

Alison said...

Thanks for the updates! I might have to check in tomorrow and see them in person!

jan said...

Chris...I bought the Fancy Pants line...Daily Grind and love it! I did a project and it can be seen on my blog...take a peek...still have 2 more to complete.