Monday, June 2, 2008

We cut a hole...

in the wall to the new part of the store! My Mom and I were sitting at home Sunday morning after breakfast, and just decided we couldn't wait any longer. We wanted to cut a hole between the current store and the addition, so we did! We only got so far when we realized it was time to open the store (as indicated by the few people waiting outside - sorry). But we can't wait to get the rest of the products set up on the other side. We started with the albums, and I was in shock when I realized just how many we had. They didn't look so numerous in the bookcase, but on the wall - well, just see for yourself!

You'll see this in our next newsletter, but we will be closing at 5pm on Sunday 6/8, we'll be closed on Monday 6/9, and not opening until noon on Tuesday 6/10. We're going to be doing some (major) alterations to the store layout, which won't allow us to be open. Sorry for the inconvenience, but wait until it's done... you're going to love it! I'll be keeping you all posted!


Anonymous said...

yippee - was shocked when I was in on Sunday and it was already cut....the albums look GREAT on the nice to see them all!

Kim said...

Can't wait to come in and see it!
I'm so happy about the new space!
Your mom is so cool to do this for you.


Beck on Melrose said...

This is FANTASTIC! It will be great to have more space to shop and for you to display all of the great products you buy for us. I will be one of the first customers in on Tuesday.